Injects LPG/CNG into the inlet manifold for each cylinder. Developed by Keihin Corp, Japan, one of the world’s leading injector manufacturers, in cooperation with Prins. Injectors are of OEM quality and reliability.

Injector rail

  • R67-01 & R110 homologated.
  • PA6 Glassfiber “re in forced” nylon.
  • Only right version available. If required fitter has to transfer right version into left version.
  • High profile look.
  • Light weight and compact.
  • Uncomplicated fitting.
  • Assembled and leak tested at factory prior to dispatch.
  • 2, 3, 4 or 5 cylinder assemblies.


  • OEM quality injector.
  • Lifespan at least 290.000.000 cycles or 240.000 km -> 2 year warranty!
  • Excellent linear flow range (linear 2% accuracy form min to max flow). Linear flow starting from 2,5 msec.
  • Low-resistance 1,25 Ω.
  • 5 injector sizes for engine capacities from 9 kW till 45 kW each cylinder. (e.g. 3 cyl with 27 kW to 10 cyl. 450 kW).

Keihin Injectors